Food Cart:

Artist Rendering 

Along with each featured chef comes a pre-prepared cart made behind the scenes. 



                     Mixology Bar    

 Proposed Setup                                     

Exposjour is a unique dining experience that brings the professional chef out of the kitchen. Each table is a stage...the chef is the performer and the guest is part of an interactive audience. Every seating is designed to cultivate a creatively coveted meal.


Exposjour will bring in chefs.  Chefs who are seasoned and famous...Sous, hungry and idealistic...Regional restaurateurs considering a new market...Local street vendors with a fan base OR perhaps, a chef from a different continent whose culinary point of view is ripe for sharing...All are welcome at the table.




Proving Ground for local, national and international chefs to test their cuisine, point of view, and use of new and innovative kitchen tools and appliances. Guests are encouraged to bring an open palate and leave feedback.


Education Opportunity for both the guest and the chef. Each Exposjour experience allows a chef to directly keep a pulse on the consumer’s desire and response to their food. Guests receive an up close and personal cooking experience and are encouraged to replicate each experience in their own home kitchens.




A customized kitchen/galley where each featured chef is placed; efficient, adaptable and surrounded by patron seating.

Exposjour is a full circle connection and a partnership. It is purposeful in design and function. It allows for a dynamic and fluid cooking/dining experience in a brick and mortar location. It brokers relationships between the local farmers market and international food sources, between the food sources and cutting edge appliance/tool manufacturers, between the manufacturers of products and the chefs who professionally use them to prepare their food and most importantly, between professional chefs and the guests.



Chef and Guest 

Brokers confident experimentation long after each seating.


Chef and Cutting Edge Tool, Products and Produce 

Brokers a platform for old and new food sources & tools to become more innovative, flavorful, nutritious and efficient.



Full Circle Partnership 

Exposjour is designed to connect everyone in the universal food chain. Everyone is welcome at the Exposjour table.  It is a place where a ticket to a refined and slow dining experience can be purchased AND it is a place where a more cost conscious fast and casual ticket can be purchased.


Exposjour’s promise is while the experience is designed to be personal and constantly evolving, the reservation process and quality customer service remains consistent and foolproof.


Reserve. Theatre. Partner.







A full functioning bar where permanently hired mixologists, wine stewards and brew masters pair beverages (both virgin and alcoholic) with a chef’s menu.

Places the Mixology Lab in the nucleus of the Restaurant where it is accessible and a focal point. It also serves as holding place for guests awaiting station seating.

                                         The Pantry 

(Not shown) Large, Adjacent Prep-site - Housing a central kitchen and refrigeration. The pantry receives a chef’s detailed menu and food needs in advance. Permanent employees organize and produce all prep-work a chef requests. Employees stock galleys and food carts prior to each seating. Employees efficiently tear down and clean each galley and stock staples for the next chef and seating.

Station Concept

Artist Rendering