Is a dining experience which excercises the thought that excellent food is a universal desire and that a restaurant patron possesses a limitless palate.


Isfood preparation experience that believes each professional chef is an artist: the plate is their canvas and food is their paint.


Is an urban restaurant concept that emphasizes a cooking interaction replicated in homes around the world.








Exposes the Chef behind the curtain and brings an open kitchen concept to a professional restaurant setting...A place to experiment, improvise, and like the Iron Chef Chairman, embrace the “culinary curveballs”.  


There are no limits.


The open concept home is not a design idea that is going to die.  In our techno driven, busy homes, kitchen and living spaces are the places we come together to connect. Formal dining rooms are giving way to casual entertaining spaces. Home offices are taking their place.  While a traditional restaurant experience will remain desired, “exposed kitchen dining” is a concept we are more than comfortable with and whose time has come to venture beyond the home.


I welcome the opportunity to discuss this concept with Streetsense in more detail.