A Columbus, Ohio based chain, specializing in make-your-own Italian, street style cuisine...Swift service with fresh ingredients. Their rustic yet modern environment sets the mood for a sit down experience. Piada prides itself on classic Italian charm while accommodating the hectic American lifestyle  


A Cincinnati based chain, bringing sushi to the skeptical palate. Fusian employs the customization of proteins, vegetables, sauces and toppings to accommodate a variety of diners; sushi lover or voyeur.  With a modern and contemporary atmosphere, this chain offers its customers a fresh perspective to the preconceived definition of sushi.


“Burritos without Borders” originated locally in Cincinnati, Ohio; Currito incorporates a diverse set of tastes from all over the world. Although some may mistake this chain for a Chipotle, Currito never becomes boring because it doubles the options for a burrito or bowl. Currito also serve smoothies, cookies and numerous fresh sides.


For me, a creative process always begins with a series of diverse inspirations. Embracing personal and public interests are major components toward building a solid foundation for any successful design concept. Call it habit or obsession, I follow countless media outlets to connect with my artistic inspirations. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as national and international news sites keep me current on trending topics, people, their beliefs and influences. 


In consideration for the concept task required for my Streetsense application, I kept the following thoughts in mind:


As a foodie, what dining experience is not yet available to me?
What are some food chains that have taken the lead and been successful in fresh offerings and customization?

What makes these food chains so popular and what will make them viable in the future?

How does the atmosphere and customer service impact the overall restaurant experience?

How do you upsell more food products to a customer without exploding their stomach?


I wondered what it would be like to merge some of my favorite restaurant experiences both national and abroad.  Being a college student, I want something fast that doesn't break the bank. Being a food addict, I want fresh ingredients that adhere to my diverse taste buds. When I’m with my parents, or I am celebrating a special occasion, I want a more refined and slow food experience.



Is there middle ground? Is there a way to create universal nirvana? I make no apology for the attempt.


Benihana combines food and entertainment. They pioneered the Teppanyaki style of cooking into a successful interactive food experience. The “onion flame” has become a staple in the hibachi industry because of Benihana. This successful reserved cooking/dining experience offers space for family and friends or...is offered as communal dining.

Union Kitchen:

In creative collaboration with Streetsense, Union Kitchen has taken the initiative in providing a space for chefs who may not have access to commercial kitchens so they may transition and practice their craft. Here, chefs have the freedom to experiment, construct and design various dishes in a unique and innovative workspace unlike any other. Attached to this space is a Union Kitchen Grocery. It is developed with freshness in mind. This grocery hosts and promotes both local and national brands.  Their innovative flair and success in this arena sets them apart and is the jumping ground for my Restaurant inspiration.

Modern yet Contemporary:

Contrasting geometric shapes with stainless steel and granite, offer a modern, industrial feel while complimenting the natural colors found within the Exposjour logo. My interior concept is meant to remain clean and neutral because the customer, chef and food are the colorful stars. When patrons reserve a table at a restaurant, they expect a gateway from their hectic lives. They want to enjoy the food prepared for them and remember the experience with those they’ve chosen to dine with. I feel the atmosphere should complement every unique dining experience.